Google Serving Consumers Or Threatening Competition

Serving consumers

lively competition, one click away, competition by innovation

jobs, helping businesses, improving technology, fierce competition, just better, competition on the merits

transparency, relative to competitors

data, portability, contacts

strive for consumer satisfaction

unnecessary info costs

android apps market, not locked-in

user info not sold to other businesses


no switching costs, no punishment for leaving

disincentives if competition policy punishes the best, more efficient companies

helping the competitors, thanks to G consumers could find them

Threatening Competition

ranking results not impartial

mobile devices, search engine as default

consumer welfare, choice biased

G expanding, too many conflicts of interest

higher price, ads prices very high

harm to innovation, competing services discriminated

misleading consumers

stealing results, menacing competitors to exclude them from search result

leverage, essential facility

less investments, less innovation, bad for e-commerce

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