Private Discussion Of The Results Of The Your Test On Crisis

Wednesday 23.11, from 6 pm:

Please insert your first name here:
1.Federica De Sio
2. Valentina Danese
3. Gleb Mikulich
4.Helen Tilahun Wolde
5. Silvia Castellari
6. Jelena Stevovic
7. Luca Mirabella
8.Francesco Ruberto
9. Enrica Tomasutti
10. Eleonore Meirer
11. Elisa Ravelli
12. Luca Toffoli
13. Sara Meloni
14. Muppidi Vishnu Vandana
15. Amirhossein Pirehyar
16.Nguyen Thi Huyen My
17. Beata Adamczuk
18. Nguyen Quynh Lien
19. Ivars Levsa

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